What can you expect from a virtual Intuitive Life Guidance Session?

Intuitive Life Guidance sessions are like stepping into a compassionate and clear movie of your life where you are the star. Every aspect of your life, the people, your career, relationships, including the past, present and future, becomes highlighted with perspective and intuitive insights. This brings clarity, understanding and an amazing amount of inspiration and motivation.

I sense your energy whether it is via video, phone or email. The energy that surrounds you holds valuable information as to what is going on in your life, in all directions of time. Like an exclusive personal blueprint of YOU.

I may also use my abilities as a medium to communicate with departed loved ones if that is desired and can be a valuable tool in creating healing and closure for so many.


  • 60 minutes – $120

  • 30 minutes – $60

  • 15 minutes – $30

No time for a video session or phone call? I am excited to begin offering a new service: Consultation by Text
A short text session might be just what is needed. This can be for a quick question or even a short energy session to support you in the moment.
15 minutes maximum, $30 // By appointment only!

Private sessions may include many elements, and are personalized for each individual. 

We work in your preference of: phone call, texting, email or Skype.


Questions to bring into a session...

What is my purpose in life?How can I find more joy?Where is my career going and how can I move ahead?How can I grow spiritually?How can I attract more love into my life?Why do I behave in the same way in every relationship?Can I resolve a relationship with a departed loved one?Why can’t I let go of my past?Why do I feel stuck in my life?How can I hear my own intuition?